Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast


Monday evening and Tuesday we stayed near Sorrento and drove up part of the Amalfi coast.  We spent the evening relaxing and looking at the sunset over the Mediterranean sea, and then did a little shopping in Sorrento.  The area is known for its crafting of inlaid wood products.  Mom and I found some beautiful things in a store called Rita’s Shop.  It was a family run business, that had their own workshop which provided the store’s inventory.  We didn’t have time to tour the workshop. Perhaps next timeDSC03608.

We decided to find a pizza place since Naples and the surrounding area is well known for its pizza.  We went to Tasso’s on the recommendation of Rick Steve’s travel advice.  We had to ask some of the locals for directions. The pizza was fantastic and well worth stopping there.  We walked around a little more and then found a gelato shop that had a wide variety of flavors.  The store was full of pictures of the locals, celebrities, and contests.  It reminded me of the old Spanky’s restaurant back home.  The gelato was some of the best I have ever had and most likely made on site.   DSC03618

We stayed at the Albatross hotel in Piano di Sorrento and after breakfast, we packed up and headed toward the Amalfi coast. The view was DSC03623breathtaking and a little dizzyingDSC03665 looking out across the coastline.  We couldn’t finish driving all the way down because they were doing construction work on part of the road. We even found a waterfall hidden around one of the curves. In spite of a spattering of rain, we enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation. DSC03646 (Photos include: sunset at Sorrento, view of Mt. Vesuvius, the front of our hotel, taking turns posing overlooking the sea,  rocks along the coast, a retreat center of some type, and the waterfall)         DSC03661