Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom and Dad in Sicily

We were so excited to have my parents come visit us for 8 days in March.  We picked them up on Rome and flew to Palermo on Thursday.  They were happy to see us, but pretty jetlagged from the trip.  We let them sleep in some on Friday and then, I took them to see a little of our town while we waited for lunch to be ready—a roasted chicken and potatoes from a local shop.  We walked down to the Friday morning street market.   It is a 15 min walk down a long hill and quite a few steps, coming back up takes a bit longer.  The scenery is typical small town Italy and you can see people cleaning or coming back from the market or the older men standing  around in the square or near a bar chatting.  We wandered around the market and bought fruit and candy from the food vendors.  After we finished it was a long climb back up to pick up lunch and then go back to the apartment.  We ate lunch and then took a nap before leaving for Palermo and a night at the Teatro Massimo with Andrea Boccelli in Faust.  Unfortunately, after we got all dressed up, we got there and found out the theater union was on strike and the performance was cancelled.  The orchestra was protesting the protest so they played a concert in the piazza in front of the theater.   We decided to go back to the Cornetti Caldi stand and console ourselves with food.   Perhaps one day we will get to the theater…….. (Pictures include: at the top of the steps, looking down the steps, yummy cornetti, coming back up the steps, and “all dressed up with no place to go”)