Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Church Dinner

Sunday morning we were proud to introduce my parents to our local church family.  We enjoyed having them participate in our service, although Shawn had to translate the sermon, and I did my best with the other parts.   It is a lot easier for me to translate when I am one on one with someone or in a small group.   After the service, we pulled out the ping-pong table and covered it with plastic tablecloths for lunch.   (It’s the only table that fits everyone.)  Shawn fixed lasagna for the first course and then the ladies of the church brought the meat dishes, fruit and salad.   There was also a yummy cake for dessert.   The dinner was delicious, and I don’t think my parents were too overwhelmed by the culture and the language.  Shawn and I took turns translating for them.  We all had to go home and take a nap, then repack for the next leg of our journey to Napoli and Sorrento.  No one left hungry at all.  Our church was very welcoming and were happy to meet my family.  They had been asking me when they were coming.

Picture include: cutting the cake, “my” lasagna, serving the food, more food, fellowshipping around the table.