Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update Sept. 7th '08

Well, its been almost three weeks since we crammed our lives into a round of suitcases and then the suitcases into T's poor Seat four door.

The transition has been interesting, we have slowly started to gain a bit of a daily rhythm but are still somewhat in limbo, since the vacation season begins to wind down this coming week. Shops will be open regular hours instead of "vacation" hours, schedules will go back to normal, including our churches. So things will be "getting back to normal" as we try to meld our lives into a new and sometimes challenging routine. Challenges include: Laura for the cultural immersion, language and lack of familiar surroundings and "comforts", Shawn for lack of "familiar" crutches of home (reliable internet, ability to get out of the house and drive where we want, a normal schedule of responsibilities), and both for the lack of rest due to our neighbor hood yapping patrol, and oh yes, as one local paper presented it "The Infernal week of heat on the Island". However concentrating on the positives has been one of our goals, God blessed us with an apartment that is within 5-10 minute walk of everything but a large market store and the beach. the church is within a 5 minute walk and we have bread, fruit, supermarket, stationary, and (he he for Shawn) a computer store, basically below the house. So life is good, God is gracious and more than enough. Continue to be in prayer for us as we integrate into our church family in Termini Imerese, and that we will be able to overcome the challenges that come our way.