Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow in Sicilia

DSC02823Yep, I said snow. According to the locals it has been 10+ years or so since this area has had snow. Of course the year we are here we would get snow. They weekend of Valentine's day it got cold enough to snow. Here in Termini it was too warm on the ground to stick, but Friday night we had a mix of sleet and snow falling outside of our balcony. Saturday morning we got up and drove 7km above Termini to Caccamo and then Roccapalumba. Yes, we actually went looking for snow to drive in. (In the US, I avoid driving in it if at all possible.) We also realized that kids and snow are the same the world over. In Roccapalumba there were a bunch of people playing in the fresh snow. We also found a lake that with the snow capped mountains it looked more like Switzerland than Sicily. After we drove back down into Termini, we decided to go towards Piano Battaglia a local ski resort 40 minutes away. We drove up in to the Parco di Madonie (park at the Madonie mountains). After rounding a couple of curves the rain abruptly switched to snow and we realized that the road was actually starting to get slick. We turned around, since we didn't really have all weather tires on the car. It was really pretty to watch it fall and reminded us of home. There is something so peaceful about the quiet of falling snow.
(Pictures include: Castle at Caccamo, Roccapalumba, the lake, snowing in the park )