Monday, February 23, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

Wow, have we really been married for 3 years? So much has happened in our lives since we said "I do." January 7, 2006. We decided to take the day and take a little drive along the coastal road to Mondello, Palermo's famous beach area. We detoured a little and drove up Monte Pellegrino, which means "pilgrim". (Side note: my maiden name also meant "pilgrim", just not in Italian.) We had a great view of Palermo from the top. We also passed the church of Santa Rosalia, built in front of the cave where she was a hermit. Unfortunately, the church was closed so we could not see inside. Every year in July they have a big celebration since she is a patron saint of Palermo. There is also a walking path up the mountain used by pilgrims to her sanctuary. There is a national park on top of Monte Pellegrino as well. We finally headed back down the mountain towards our destination. Mondello is a beautiful cove with a wide swathe of white sand beach. In the middle there is a lido, where you can rent a changing room and come to the beach at lunchtime, just leave your swims stuff there. We stopped at a small bar for coffee and a nutella filled crepe, before taking a leisurely stroll down the beach. We met several stray dogs who wanted to play, but they soon lost interest in us after seeing several Jack Russell terriers invading their turf. We didn't stay too long since the sun was beginning to set and it was starting to get chilly and windy. We headed back home and ate a very elegant dinner at a local ristorante. The food was fabulous, and the dessert positively sinful. We had a wonderful day, and can't wait to see what God has in store for our journey together.
(Pictures include: Palermo from atop Mt. Pellegrino, beach at Mondello with the lido on the left, us on the beach, and the 7 flavor cake we had for dessert.)