Wednesday, February 25, 2009


DSC02623While in Venice we took a day to go to the island of Murano. We wandered through the glass museum, which showed the glass making processes of both today and yesteryear. There were also many examples of period glass from early A.D. to now. Several elaborate table decorations and sparkling chandeliers were also on display. After we left the museum we wandered around taking pictures of the island, including the war memorial and church. Shawn was amused by the fact that this church was hundreds of years old, yet equipped with a nice sound system, lighting and led screens. There was also a large crucifix inside of glass. (Glad the Christ I serve isn't glass. Wouldn't want my faith to shatter easily.) We then went shopping for what else, glass. I found some small gifts and some nice pendants for DSC02622myself as well. One shop keeper in particular was very friendly and gave us a lot of interesting information on Murano and the glass making process. His shop website is, and is located near the blue glass sculpture. He is the only jeweler in Murano. We also ate at the ristorante near his shop. The grilled sole is very good. We also went into a glass gallery where many of the pieces were in the $10,000 range. We didn't stay long or touch anything. There was a small pastry shop where we got yummy pistachio cookies. My favorite Venetian food. On the vaporetto back to mainland Venice we passed the cimitero or cemetery island. It is full of masoleums, since the city is built on small islands and reclaimed land. We decided to go back and rest at the hotel before venturing out to see more of Venice.