Saturday, January 10, 2009

Youth Christmas service

We enjoyed the opportunity to help the youth with their part in the Christmas service at Palermo. Shawn was involved in the music and with the lighting for the mime. I made many cups of coffee for practices and did the video of the service. The group had countless hours of practice in order to do their very best on the evening of December 21. The service began with Christmas carols by the regular worship team and several songs by the sunday school kids, followed by a short meditation from the head pastor. Then we were up, beginning with a praise and worship set, then a mime set to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse, and finally a girl's chorus. The musician worked so hard, and they even did "Walk by Faith" in English. The music was a blessing to those that attended. The mime was something that was also powerful, showing what Jesus can do in a person's life. Several of the youth leaders shared and an invitation was given for those that wanted to make Christ the Lord of their life. Finishing out the night, the girl's chorus had an upbeat rendition of "I Will Follow Him". After the program Christmas cakes and snacks were served and the youth had sandwiches for dinner, later on.
(The pictures are from, fellowshipping after the service, and the musicians)