Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Party

We had our Christmas party at Termini on December 24. We invited the kid's parents, church family and a group of disabled youth that one of the ladies in our church works with. We had a great time. The kids sang several Christmas songs ending with the English version of "Jingle Bells". I had to sing the verse with Shawn, while the kids came in on the chorus and belted out a resounding "Hey" at the appropriate place in the song. Our pastor, gave a short devotion on the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating Christ's birth, and then we played games. We had small door prizes to give out and played bingo. The kids mobbed Shawn, who was calling out the numbers, to try to fill in their cards. They also got small toys as gifts. Afterward, there were pandoro and panettone cakes, snacks, and drinks. Everyone had a good time and we had many there that would not normally come to an Evangelical church. At the end of the night, to those that wanted them, we gave out calendars with Scripture verses on them and Bibles. We were tired, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.
(The pictures are from the bingo game. I am not sure how to upload video. Guess I will have to get my husband's help on that.)