Saturday, January 10, 2009

Youth Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 23, was our Christmas party for the youth group. We had a buffet with all sorts of yummy finger foods, and for dessert we had cheesecake in honor of one of the leader's birthday. The highlight of the party was the "Mean Santa" gift exchange. The Italians had never done anything quite like that, so we weren't sure how it would work. Everyone brings a small wrapped gift and you play a game to determine who gets what gift. The basic concept requires that each person gets a number and you go in sequence, with the first person opening a gift and the second person having the option to either open a new gift or steal the gift from the first person. Things can get interesting, depending on the gift, which can only be stolen 4 times before it is out of play. Some of the things that showed up during the exchange included: a pink manicure set (which was opened by one of the guys), candles, candy, toe socks, and cologne. Several really unique items also showed up. Someone brought 2 little goldfish in a tiny aquarium and a small cannister of food, that was a popular one to steal. There was also a stick of partially used deodorant, and my personal favorite, the gift my husband got -- a package of feminine products. Overall the evening was a great success, everyone had a good time, and the "Mean Santa" exchange went over very well.
(The pictures include: "Mean Santa", birthday cake, the goldfish, goofing around, and serving cheesecake and dessert)