Monday, September 14, 2009

Picnic at Piana

We had a piSDC10144cnic with the youth as one of our final outings.  A family in the Palermo church has land out in the country near a lake so we grilled out.  It was a beautiful day and we saw all across the valley on the dSDC10146rive up.  We took a bbq spice mix sent to us by our pastor and fixed chicken for everyone.   We enjoyed food, fellowship, and a nap in the warm sun.  We had a time of sharing and prayer and looked back on a wonderful year.   It was hard knowing that this was the last time in a long time we would see some of these friends.   The photos include: BBQ chicken, chowing down, a WWII era bunker, with friends, and the mountains overlooking the lake.

   SDC10148 SDC10150 SDC10151