Sunday, September 13, 2009


There was one thing I said I would never do again, workSDC10101 on a construction project and pack for a big move.  Well……you sSDC10102hould never say “never”.    We recently moved into a new location for our church  and needed to partition off some walls to make a Sunday school room and kitchen area.   This was about a month before we were to return to the US.  We had some help from the men at church, but since most of them worked during the morning hours, I became the help in hanging some of the drywall and mudding the seams and holes made by the screws. SDC10103SDC10105 It was hot, dirty work, but it was very satisfying to see the job finished so that all the men of the church had to do was paint.   The pictures show the framing that all the way up to the end prior to painting.   We even had some help from the youth group in Palermo also.  SDC10113 SDC10115 SDC10123