Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pizza and a Coin Laundry

Shawn and I got into town several hours before we had to be in Avellino, because we took the overnight ferry ship from Palermo to Naples.  So we had some time to look around. DSC04459 We sat on the beach for an hour looking out toward Napoli and Mt. Vesuvius.  Then we went to Sorrento to visit a fantastic local ice cream place and have pizza for lunch.DSC04458  Sorrento and Napoli are known for their style of pizza and it is delicious.  We found a restaurant with outdoor tables and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.DSC04469  While we were eating some musicians came by and played and sang, then passed a hat around for change.  We parked in a parking garage and found a small glade with a castle and stream running beside it.DSC04463  It was lush and overgrown with vines and greenery.    As we wandered the back streets of Sorrento we found – a coin laundry.  It was tucked into a little side streDSC04465et, just off the main drag.  It was tiny compared to ones in the US; just 4 each of washers and dryers.  The prices were quite high for a load, but if you are on vacation and desperate…… Shawn has a radar for finding them and we took a couple of pictures.  They are not very popular because most houses have washers and clotheslines.  Anyway, we headed off to Avellino, full of pizza and ready for a nap.        (Pictures include: center of the town, pizza mimosa, castle glade, church tower, Shawn in the laundry, and the musicians.)DSC04472