Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Alberobello is a unique little town about an hour from Bari.  DSC04651It is made up of little whitewashed houses called “Trulli”. DSC04626 These structures have a unique architecture, and are built without using any type of mortar.  The stacked limestone roofs sometimes have religious or other symbols painted on them with white lime.   The legend is that they were built to be able to be taken apart quickly so the landowners would not have to pay taxes on the buildings.  (Bad if you happen to be a tenant farmer and the tax collectors come through.)    The Trulli are only found in the town and surrounding area.   Their construction definitely sets them apart from any other place, and the region is designated as a world heritage site. DSC04659DSC04643 DSC04638We  spent over an hour wandering the streets, visiting shops, taking pictures, and stopping for coffee and ice cream.  Then it was back to the car for a sack lunch, before heading home to prepare for church.