Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Primo Maggio (May 1)


May first is a holiday here in Italy and we celebrated by going with the youth to Cefalu, a beach town  about a half hour from where we live.  We had a gathering of several youth groups within a two hour distance or so.  We began the day with music and a group session, followed by a sack lunch, and then it was off to the beach for a few hours.  It was too chilly to swim, but that didn’t stop a couple DSC04356of hearty souls from going into the water anyway.  Everyone else played  DSC04353  DSC04372 DSC04374 DSC04383 DSC04386 games or sat around and talked, soaking up the sun.  We had a gorgeous day.  We left the beach for a short small group discussion session, then everyone had to make the drive home.  (Which took a little longer than normal, due to the holiday traffic.)   (Photos include: opening session, the group, the 2 swimmers, us, setting up a game on the beach, Cefalu view left and right, and the swimmers after photo.)