Sunday, May 3, 2009


 DSC04259 DSC04260  DSC04262  DSC04279 I know one thing, church league volleyball would never work here.   The participants would never survive.  We took the Palermo youth to play volleyball at a sporting complex not too far from the church.  There was definitely a competitive spirit, but also much laughter and enjoyment.  Our (Shawn and I) volleyball skills were pretty rusty, but we made valiant attempts anyway. We split into 3 different teams that rotated each match. One of the other leaders and I also rotated spots, since each team had an extra player. Shawn also provided some comic relief, in the form of running across the court shirtless,  after a little encouragement from some of the guys.  All in all we had a good time and everyone enjoyed the outing.  We had some that played really well, some that played for fun, and some that just liked to argue with the referee.