Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dinner at Branccacio

We had the opportunity to participate with the youth group of Shalom in a fund raising dinner.  We made 7 cheese balls for each table and a cheesecake for dessert.  The youth did a fantastic job, with presentation and service as well as entertainment between courses.  They had songs and skits, and even a painting auction.  We walked in and the church had been transformed into a cafe, with tablecloths and candles on each table.  There was a mouth watering appetizer buffet with everything from caprese with tomatoes and mozzarella to caviar spread on toast.  After the appetizers, the first course was lasagna, followed by a meat and potato dish, and then some beautifully arranged fruit trays.   We also had an assortment of cakes for dessert, and coffee.  We had a good time fellowshipping at the table with the pastor and his wife. 

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