Thursday, March 12, 2009


DSC02888Carnevale is held in Termini from February 15-24, with parades and festivities throughout the town.   Actually, Termini's carnevale festivities are the oldest in Sicily.  We watched the parade coordinators set up the staging area Sunday morning just after church.  We walked up the street late in the afternoon before the parade began so that we hadDSC02905 a good spot to watch.  The local kids have confetti, silly string, shaving cream, and plastic squeaky mallets to cause mischief.  Basically carnevale is a time of revelry, so that you have something to repent of prior to Lent.  The parade was full of bands, dance troupes, and elaborate floats, with people throwing confetti and candy onto the  crowds.  Several of the floats were statements about political issues.   After the parade ended. we stopped for cotton candy.

(Pictures include: staging area, toy vendor, comic band, king of carnevale, silly string and mallets, Pinocchio float, boy with violet hair, old car with grandparents of carnevale.)

DSC02925 DSC02932 DSC02914
DSC02944 DSC02948   DSC02958