Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding shower

We had a party Sunday evening for a couple who is getting married.  He is one of the local youth leaders, she is a church planter from Kansas.  They met in Bologna in northern Italy.   We spent the previous Thursday night planning and organizing the food, games, and decorations.  (Well the girls planned, while the guys watched soccer.)  Anyway, we divvied up the responsibilities while enjoying some gelato.SDC10054   Sunday afternoon we decorated, finished prepping the snacks and organizing the games.   There was a small table with paper to write notes of encouragement to the couple, and a notebook to put them in when you were finished.    There were several games planned, including one where the bride and groom had to find each other by feeling feet.  First all the girls sat down and he went through touching each foot.  He found her foot and knew immediately.  She was more uncertain, but got it right also.  Then they had the “newlywed” game where they had Q&A to see if the men and women’s answers matched up.SDC10063    The outcome was pretty hilarious.   There was also a game that involved ice cubes in your mouth and he had to guess and see if she or someone else was speaking.   Both Shawn and I were recruited, and neither of us got through the script without laughing.  We had a good time regardless.  SDC10076Snacks, cake, and drinks were served before playing anymore games.  There was even iced coffee with whipped topping. Yummy!    They had one last thing planned before the end of the night – a practice run on the wedding ceremony, complete with flower girl and ring bearer.   The groom’s siblings, bride, and groom were outfitted most fashionably with newspaper wedding outfits, and the mock ceremony ensued.  Everyone was laughing and enjoying the moment.    The evening ended with a pantry shower, and the couple is now well stocked in non perishable food items, detergent, and paper tableware.   


  (Pictures include: The groom & Co., the 3 “lucky” couples for the newlywed game, and Shawn playing the ice game.)