Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gruppo Giovanile

We were privileged to be asked to assist the local leaders of the youth group in Palermo. We had kick-off dinner in mid October, followed by a meeting with games, introductions, a devotional, and plans for the coming year. Shawn was able to help set up an internet forum for the group. We will be helping wherever we are needed. Currently there are plans for a youth service in December as well as a giornolino (newsletter) coming in January. I will be assisting with the newsletter, and continue to improve my grasp of the Italian language. Shawn will be involved with music and drama. We are excited to see what God has in store for Gruppo Giovanile this coming year. Continue to pray for us as things keep getting added to our schedule. We want to be able to minister effectively, but not spread ourselves too thin.


mama j said...

Hey-just finding your blog--is the church you're at, the one that Davide's Dad, Francesco, was the pastor of, in the 90s? (Ask Shawn). The fellowship hall/kitchen looks the same...and in this post--the guy on the left-closest to the "front" looks like a guy I met/was friends w/, when I was there--Dario. Am I just grasping for straws? LOVE catching a glimpse into your lives! Tell Shawn-o howdy. Not ciao or hello--just howdy. ;o)

Jessi Cooper-Bowditch <><